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Is Ophelia a scam?

We sometimes get people asking us if we're real, or if this is a scam. To that we say: We're 100% legit. Here's the proof.

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We sometimes get people asking us if we're real, or if Ophelia is a scam. To that we say: We're 100% legit.

Here's some proof:

Tina Rosenberg from The New York Times wrote an article about Ophelia in which she said:

"The science is unequivocal: The only effective treatment for opioid use disorder is what is called 'medication-assisted treatment.'"

Forbes also covered our launch in a piece in May, 2020:

"New York City-based Ophelia offers individuals who struggle with opioid addiction an online platform for medication-assisted treatment (MAT)... New users first consult with an Ophelia clinician who determines whether the patient is fit for treatment. The licensed clinician will then prescribe medication and follow up regularly to monitor and manage progress."

So who are we anyway? Ophelia is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup taking a novel approach to combating the opioid crisis. We're a team of people who really care about this problem, including some of the world's leading experts on addiction medicine, and we're hoping to make a difference. You can read more about us here.

No, we're not trying to get more people addicted to big pharma and other drugs. Our approach (online medication-assisted treatment) isn't right for everyone, but the science does point to the fact that medication-assisted treatment is by far the most effective solution for most people with opioid use disorder. And for many reasons, it's much harder for people to get access to than it needs to be. We're trying to change that.

Yes, it does cost money to run a business, but we're trying to make it as reasonable and accessible as possible. Check out our pricing page for more info on how much it costs, and whether you can use insurance.

If you have any more questions, or just want to hear more, just email us at support@ophelia.com or text us at (215) 585-2144.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.


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