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Your guide to remote at-home drug testing at Ophelia

Read this step-by-step guide to learn why and how to take a remote, at-home urine drug test while undergoing online MAT for OUD with Ophelia.

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Your guide to remote at-home drug testing
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If you've ever sought treatment for opioid addiction, you’ve likely taken a drug test. We use urine drug testing at Ophelia, but you probably have some questions about why… and how.

14 panel urine drug test with temperature strip and creatine check and provides results in 5 minutes
Actual image of your drug test!

As for why, when you start taking buprenorphine (Suboxone®), drug tests can confirm what’s called an “expected result.” This means that buprenorphine is found in your urine, and non-prescribed or recreational drugs are not. But make no mistake, our mission with drug testing isn’t to police you. 

“We are interested in approaches that are based on individual's goals in treatment,” says Arthur Robin Williams, MD, Ophelia’s Chief Medical Officer. If an unexpected result is found, clinicians have an opportunity to help a patient get back on track. We are emphatically on the patient’s side.

“We've never kicked a patient out because they have a drug test result that shows they’re using opioids.”

Now, how is a urine drug test even possible when you’re getting treatment via telehealth? Not only is it possible; nearly all patients do it. In fact, Ophelia just published a study in JAMA Health Forum showing that 97.6% of patients in treatment for more than 90 days completed one or more urine drug tests. 

The good news is it’s hassle-free. Here, 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Unmarked package is delivered to your door

How to open urine drug test mail package
Open the box but leave the bag intact!

The kit will come in the mail but do NOT open it until your appointment. Your first urine drug test usually happens at your first video appointment after your induction (aka your second visit, after you've started taking Suboxone prescribed by your Ophelia care team). Pro tip: Keep your package in a climate controlled room out of sunlight, if test cups are exposed to extreme heat or cold they may malfunction.

Step 2: Log on for your video chat

This is a quick, 10-minute visit that happens in the privacy of your home (100% shame free). Have your urine cup with you in the sealed bag.

How to open sealed drug test cup package
Open the sealed package in Zoom

Step 3: Pee in the cup in your bathroom

Once you’re face-to-face with your clinician, open up the bag and get the UDS cup out. Then head to the bathroom (without your phone or computer) and pee in the cup. Make sure to hit the minimum line!

Step 4: Show clinician your results

How to peel label of urine rug test cup
Peel label for test results on Zoom

Come back to the Zoom and show the clinician all four sides of the cup. Results take just five minutes. If results are as expected, that’s it, you’re done! If not, you’ll have an open dialogue with your clinician (then or at a follow-up appointment).


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