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“The science is unequivocal: The only effective treatment for opioid use disorder is what is called medication-assisted treatment.

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The science is clear

Rehab fails 90% of the time when not followed by medication.

Ophelia is based on the gold standard of science, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), proven to be 6x more effective than most rehabs.

Read more about the science of MAT.

Am I a Candidate?
Designed by the world's leading addiction specialists

Adam Bisaga, MD

Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University
United Nations, NIH, NIDA

Arthur Robin Williams, MD

Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ophelia accept insurance?

At this time, the cost of Ophelia's visits are out of pocket. We have a transparent and easy pricing plan: $195 per month. This covers all of the visits. You can, however, use your insurance to cover the cost of the medication. Read more about Ophelia's pricing and what's included here.

What medications does Ophelia prescribe?

At the moment, Ophelia clinicians primarily prescribe Suboxone or the generic buprenorphine / naloxone. We can also prescribe medication for symptoms related to withdrawal during induction, such as nausea or trouble sleeping. We do not currently prescribe ongoing medication for anxiety or depression.

Is Ophelia private?

Ophelia is 100% committed to your privacy and confidentiality. We will never share your information with anyone without your permission, including your employer. Read more about our Notice of Privacy Practices here.

Visit our Help Center for more information or just shoot us an email at

"Great people that go the extra mile to help you and really care about your recovery."
- Ophelia Member

Success Stories

MAT Success Story: Corey

Corey went from being a star student to dealing drugs for a gang to support his habit. He tried everything to kick heroin. Finally, he tried Suboxone.

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MAT Success Story: Amy

Amy started taking painkillers after a back injury. After losing her job and her marriage, she's now getting a second chance thanks to Suboxone.

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MAT Success Story: Randy

Randy started using heroin when he was 21 years old. Seven years later, he began to rebuild his life with the help of Suboxone.

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