How it works


Meet Ophelia

Connect with an Ophelia provider through your phone or computer.


Get Medication

If it's right for you, your Ophelia provider will prescribe medication. Typically, patients start with Suboxone, which:

  • relieves withdrawal symptoms
  • reduces cravings
  • prevents overdose


Recover at Home

Recover in the privacy of your home, with all of the support you need. Ophelia will manage your prescription for as long as you need it, making sure it's refilled and delivered on time.

Everyone's timeline is different. Some people stay on medication long-term, and others will taper or transition to a different medication.

Ophelia makes it possible on your own terms.

Ready to get help?

If you're having trouble managing your opioid use, or are currently experiencing cravings or withdrawal, we might be able to help.
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