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Who, what, and where: a complete treatment guide

Opioid addiction can be unpredictable. Your treatment shouldn’t be. Here is our guide on what to expect, so you can feel confident getting started.

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A complete treatment guide to Ophelia
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A complete treatment guide to Ophelia

Opioid addiction can be tumultuous and unpredictable. Your treatment shouldn’t be. Here is our guide on what to expect, so you can feel comfortable and confident getting started with Ophelia.

Who will you meet?

The Enrollment team is the first introduction to your care team, they are here to answer any and all of your questions. They will help you fill out all necessary paperwork and schedule your visit. They will also process your insurance information to see if your visits will be covered.

The Care Coordination team will be your advocates for all administrative care, helping you navigate issues with your pharmacy, insurance, and prescriptions. They will be at the other end of the Ophelia phone number and you can get in touch with them between 9am - 8pm EST on weekdays and 9am - 4pm EST on weekends.

The Clinical team will create the most successful treatment plan for you. Our clinicians are board certified and received degrees from some of the leading institutions. They have extensive education and training in psychiatry and addiction medicine. Above all, they are non-judgemental, and unconditionally supportive.

What to expect?

  1. Your welcome call

Meet your Enrollment Coordinator who will answer all your initial questions. Our coordinators will make  your house-keeping items less painful by working with you to figure out your insurance, even Medicaid, our availability in your state, and how we keep your information private.

  1. Initial visit with a clinician

This is when you will meet your clinician for the first time. We encourage you to be as open as possible when discussing your medical history, substance use history, treatment history, and social history. We want to hear about your life. You and your clinician will design the best program for your addiction. They will send your buprenorphine-naloxone tablets (aka Suboxone prescription) and comfort medications as needed, to your local pharmacy and provide you with instructions for how to use your medication. 

  1. Your induction

Once you have your Suboxone prescription fulfilled, you’ll want to prepare for your induction. Your clinician will provide you with specific instructions for how and when to take your medication. While getting off opioids, you will need to feel some withdrawal symptoms before starting your induction medication.  To make this as easy as possible, you will have a check-in call to see how you are doing. Of course, you can always reach out to us if you are having any problems or need support. Once you make it through your induction with Suboxone, it’s time to stabilize your treatment. 

Learn more how to prepare for your induction here

  1. Getting stable

After your intake, you will see your clinician weekly to figure out the form, strength, and frequency of your medication regimen. These appointments will be called follow-up visits with the goal of finding a medication treatment plan that works best for you. 

Already on bupe? Even easier! You can bypass the induction process and focus on the really important stuff with your team – big life goals and reconnecting with your passions. 

  1. On-going care and support

As a part of the Ophelia care plan, you are offered a variety of holistic options at no extra cost. You’ll receive individualized support on a range of medication designed to relieve withdrawal symptoms, as well as free access to peer coaching. We’ll provide diagnosis and treatment for related mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and smoking cessation. 

Where will it happen?

Your visits will be on Zoom. All you need to do is download the free app (Android, iOS) and click on the Zoom link we send you in the reminder texts and emails. Join on any smart device you have available.

Reminder: We will send reminders via text that may ask you to confirm you will attend an upcoming visit. 

That's it! Any more questions? 

You can text, call, or email the enrollment team before your first visit.

After your first visit, you will text, call, or email the care coordination team. 

Text your care team at (215) 585-2144

8am-8pm EST on weekdays and 8am-4pm EST on weekends.


Treatment that works is right at your fingertips.

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