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It’s so simple. Also, I haven’t felt judged or uncomfortable talking to anyone. I even just went through a difficult loss of a loved one and Ophelia staff were there if I needed help!


Its the same if not better then going to the clinic. It is alot less of a hassle and ophelia has been very helpgull and through it making sure i have what i need.


Because everything u guys have done for me this far has been great and I haven’t gotten high since I started with you. My clinician crystal is amazing and so is the response team every time I ran into a problem they took care of it as soon as possible wich was always very fast.


I was skeptical and very nervous at first discussing my drug use with a doctor. However, they were very non-judgemental and understood everything I discussed with them.


I am more than satisfied with my clinician and my treatment. I have already recommended Ophelia to a few people.


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I am really impressed with the whole process. Everyone I have spoken with has been very helpful and very professional. I have anxiety issues that hinder me with regular Dr. Office visits, so without you guys, I might not be getting any help at all. Thank you.


Because you guys are totally changing the MAT program allowing for people with normal business schedules stay on track with the MAT schedule. You provide great doctors and a flexible schedule. Thank you very much for changing the game of something that really needed updating.


Everyone at Ophelia with whom I have had contact have been wonderful. Any time I had a question or concern it was addressed immediately. Matt and Neal have been supportive and wonderful to work with. Couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with.


Everything has been made very easy for me and everyone I’ve spoken to has been incredibly kind and not judgmental at all throughout this experience.


I gave that score because I feel that telemedicine really works for me. I'm a mom and work a full time job and with hardly anytime this works best for me.


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Because I have received the utmost respectful care and treatment I have ever received from any medical clinic in my entire life. I really look forward to my treatment as well as my experiences here as a patient of Ophelia. I want to thank everyone involved with creating and maintaining a world-class business experience for patients like myself and over 3 million other individuals going through the same issues/battles in life just in our state alone. Life throws a lot at you. Some things cannot be battled and fought on your own and it's people like you that save us and our family's lives by treating us with the utmost respect and the most genuine characteristics any individual could ever receive. I thank you for that a million times over.


They are professional and extremely responsive! They also work with your schedule unlike traditional doctors hours. I love that I can do my video visits on the weekends and onboarding was with smooth.


I've been going to in person doctor visits for this for years and I've always felt like It's been too difficult to stay on top of. The doctor visits added to my stress which in turn had a negative impact on me and my treatment plan. These Tele visits have really made things so much more simple, and honestly I enjoy having the same doctor or nurse each time which so far you guys have been great with. So far I really can't say enough good things bc I was very skeptical about how legitimate this was but quickly found out how professional everyone is and how much I'm kicking myself for not joining sooner.


I’m very satisfied with my experiences with Ophelia and the clinician I’ve been seeing. The process of signing up was easy and quick. It’s convenient being able to schedule appointments during the day as they are telehealth.


The Ophelia team are great at what they do! They’re very reliable and willing to work with you.


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It works! I’ve never felt better. I’ve already recommended someone and they have already started. Time to take back my life.


My doctor, Julie, is AMAZING. She and the rest of the team were SO helpful when I had trouble with the pharmacy and when I had an unpleasant reaction to the first medication we tried. Seriously, the whole experience has been a wonderful, positive one!


I have never been able to seek in person treatment because I work in the medical field and I was always afraid of the wrong person finding out and ruining my reputation as a nurse and ophelia has made it possible for me to get the treatment I need. This has been all around a very good experience for me! For the first time in 13 years I feel like I'm getting my life back!


Because ophelia has made it so easy and convenient to set up the treatment process they have been so helpful and informative.


I am coming up to the month mark of being in this program and have had more support offered to me than I ever did at a regular in office doctor in the last few years.


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Extremely helpful and understanding staff. They show care and compassion above and beyond. Thank you all.


Everyone at Ophelia with whom I have had contact have been wonderful. Any time I had a question or concern it was addressed immediately. Matt and Neal have been supportive and wonderful to work with. Couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with.


Dr. Chris (maryland) is absolutely amazing, caring and very attentive. The list goes on. The team of nurses are great at checking in with you as well, and all are very pleasant. While I am worried about being on suboxone, I dont know where I would be if I didnt have a source to turn to that is as private as ophelia.


The program works the staff is extremely professional and on point. I am very happy with the medical services that are provided. Thank you.


I appreciate all the help I have received I feel like I can talk with everyone I have come in contact with. Matt has been great he make me comfortable and has taught me a great deal about some issues I have.


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