Understanding insurance coverage for Suboxone and MAT: A guide for Geisinger members in Pennsylvania

Discover if Geisinger covers Suboxone and MAT for OUD. Learn about the effective treatment options available through Geisinger’s partnership with Ophelia.

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Understanding Geisinger insurance's coverage for Suboxone® (important safety information)and medications for addiction treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD), also known as medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), is vital for individuals seeking comprehensive care. In this guide, we explore accessible treatment options and answer important questions about coverage available through Geisinger for Suboxone and MAT. We also highlight Geisinger's partnership with Ophelia to provide effective treatment solutions.

Does Geisinger cover MAT?

Individuals with Geisinger insurance are eligible for the coverage of comprehensive treatment approaches for opioid abuse, including MAT, which combines medications like Suboxone with counseling or behavioral therapies to effectively address OUD. Geisinger's coverage includes MAT, enabling individuals to access the necessary medications and supportive therapies for their recovery journey.

Geisinger's partnership with Ophelia

We have partnered with Geisinger to expand access to evidence-based treatment programs. Through this collaboration, Geisinger members can benefit from our expertise and innovative approaches to OUD treatment. The partnership ensures that virtual visits and telehealth services are more accessible and convenient for patients.

Does Geisinger cover Suboxone for OUD?

Geisinger does provide coverage for Suboxone, an effective medication in treating OUD that combines buprenorphine and naloxone, to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Geisinger's coverage ensures that individuals in Pennsylvania have access to this evidence-based treatment option for OUD.

Navigating your Geisinger insurance coverage

To understand the specifics of your Geisinger insurance coverage for Suboxone and MAT, review your insurance policy or contact Geisinger directly. They can provide you with comprehensive information about coverage details, copayments, and any specific requirements for obtaining these treatments. Here’s more detail about each of these steps:

  1. Review your insurance policy and formulary: Take the time to review your Geisinger insurance policy documents and formulary. Look for sections that outline coverage for addiction treatment, prescription medications, and the specific medications used in MAT, such as Suboxone.
  2. Consult with Ophelia: We can provide additional guidance and support in understanding your insurance coverage with Geisinger. Our care coordinators can help you navigate the insurance process, answer questions specific to your treatment plan, and assist with any financial concerns. Text us today at (215) 585 2144.
  3. Contact Geisinger: Reach out to Geisinger directly to inquire about your coverage for Suboxone medication and MAT. 

Using Geisinger insurance with Ophelia for effective treatment

Get paired with expert clinicians via video chat and receive quick access to medication that actually relieves opioid withdrawal. Using Geisinger insurance with Ophelia offers you a comprehensive solution for opioid addiction treatment. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of online MAT and begin your path toward a brighter future.


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