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Proud to be the first and only telehealth provider with a “Center of Excellence” distinction in PA!

Ophelia is the first and only telehealth provider of OUD treatment to receive the designation as a Center of Excellence (COE) for OUD treatment in Pennsylvania.

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Ophelia's Center of Excellence certification in Pennsylvania
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Ophelia is officially a Center of Excellence (COE) for opioid treatment in Pennsylvania, a program implemented by the PA Department of Human Services which raises the standards for OUD care. In fact, we are proud to say we’re the first and only telehealth provider of OUD treatment to receive this designation.

COE-designated programs are designed to take care of the whole person, with an emphasis on:

  • Increasing access to MOUD
  • Improving coordination of physical and behavioral healthcare services
  • Keeping patients engaged along the continuum of care 

4 things you might not know about the COE program 

  1. The COE program was first initiated in 2016 as one of the solutions to the overdose crisis within the state of Pennsylvania, and to address the challenge of engaging and retaining clients with OUD in treatment. 
  2. The COE program was originally grant-funded, while now it’s cemented in Medicaid with COE care management services recognized as a State Plan covered service. 
  3. Ophelia’s recognition as a COE is a big win for telemedicine — adding to the proof that virtual care can be quality care. We now join the ranks of treatment programs like those offered by the University of Pennsylvania, Geisinger, and others who have held this designation for years.
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4. There’s a competitive application process and only programs in standing with their level of service and comprehensive care are given the COE distinction. 

Ophelia's COE designation is a big win for telemedicine

COEs improve outcomes. The COE program has been associated with increases in continued use of medication for OUD, which indicates that patients who receive care from COEs stay on their medication longer than those who do not.


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