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Patient stories: meet Sherena

Hear from Sherena, a patient in Maine since October 2021, on her experience with opioid addiction, Kratom and Ophelia.

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What is your story with opioids?

There was a time after I got a divorce that I dabbled in hard drugs. I was totally functioning, nobody would have known but I was going through it. It was time to leave the state and move closer to my mother. From the moment the plane landed in Maine, I decided I would never touch those drugs again.

Maine is cold and the winter is brutal. It can be depressing.

A friend told me about Kratom, a powder you could buy at the local store. It was easy to get, it wasn’t illegal and it made me feel good. No one told me that you could become addicted.

For the next 4 years, I was dependent. I couldn’t go more than 4 hours without it. It was a gross, vicious cycle and was draining my bank account. I got to a point that I was spending around $350 a month on over 100 capsules a day. I even bought a pill maker.

I couldn’t live my life.

Did you look for treatment before Ophelia?

I was actively ready to quit. Enough was enough.

I went to my regular GP for help but I didn’t even know what Kratom was. I had to talk to a different doctor and came back to me to tell me it was in my best interest to taper off. No sh*t.

How did you find Ophelia?

I saw an ad and was at my wits end. My doctor wasn’t helpful. What did I have to lose?

What has been your experience with Ophelia?

I met my clinician, Matt, who is amazing and helpful. He explained everything to me.

The team gives me all the tools with no judgment. And if I have a question, I just text my team and someone gets back to me in 10 minutes. It's so great and a complete breeze. Since that first call with Matt, I have not taken Kratom again.

What is a common misconception about Suboxone treatment?  

I didn’t have a strong understanding of what Suboxone is and my partner thought it was a synthetic heroin. We assumed it wasn't helpful.

Can you share a piece of advice to give with others in similar situations?

People just don’t understand and love to judge. If it could help quality of life, why not do it!?

If it could help your quality of life, why not do it!?


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