Ophelia is the industry leader in opioid use disorder treatment

Combining telehealth and medication (MOUD), we drive clinical outcomes, expand access, and save lives.

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For payors

Ophelia allows payors to expand access, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. Our treatment model retains patients in treatment 2x longer than traditional models.

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For providers

Ophelia treats your patients with the gold-standard OUD care and partners with many major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

For health systems

Utilize Ophelia within your existing ecosystem to improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, and decrease costs. We also support workforce development through custom educational programs.

Spend less than any other treatment program

Total cost per patient per month for the first three months post OUD diagnosis*

Comprehensive care built around your patient's needs

• Physician-led care team
• Pharmacy support
• Resource navigator
• Complex case management
• Remote urine drug testing
• Self service patient portal

Improve outcomes and remove barriers to OUD treatment by partnering with Ophelia

Improves outcomes

94% of patients are engaged in early treatment in care (HEDIS measure: Engagement of Alcohol or other Drug Treatment Measure), more than 5x the national average. Ophelia consistently demonstrates high engagement and retention rates, ensuring that patients receive the care that impacts their lives the most.

Removes barriers

Ophelia solves some of the biggest treatment barriers like geographical access, affordability, and clinical access by offering 100% remote visits, partnering with major commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare providers, and educating the future workforce through partnerships with Yale, UPenn, and SAMHSA.

Ophelia can make a difference in your patients' lives

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