What is Sublocade®️ (buprenorphine extended-release injection)?

Sublocade (SUB-loh-kayd)

Sublocade is an extended-release injectable form of buprenorphine used to treat opioid use disorder (OUD). It is administered as a subcutaneous injection once a month and provides a continuous release of buprenorphine to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Historical context

Sublocade was developed by Indivior and gained FDA approval in the United States in 2017. It is the first once-monthly injectable form of buprenorphine for the treatment of OUD.

Medical formulations

Sublocade is available as a pre-filled syringe for subcutaneous injection that comes in 100 mg and 300 mg doses.

How long does Sublocade stay in your system?

Sublocade is a long-acting injectable form of buprenorphine designed to be administered once a month. The half-life of buprenorphine in Sublocade is approximately 43 to 60 days due to its sustained-release formulation. It can take several months for the drug to be completely eliminated from the body after the last injection.

Street names

Sublo, Inject


The Sublocade injection is a clear to slightly opalescent solution that is administered subcutaneously. The pre-filled syringe may have markings to indicate the dosage and manufacturer's logo.

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