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Patient stories: meet Dustin B.

Read about how Dustin from New York went from weightlifting to a decade long prescription opioid addiction and how he finally found Ophelia. Learn about Dustin here!

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Meet Dustin B. Ophelia patient stories
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It all started back in 2008 when I woke up with severe pain in the back of my head/neck. I assumed it was a weightlifting accident and tried to wait it out. It didn’t get better and after several doctor visits, I was introduced to opioids. Before that day, I didn’t know anything about opioids and had never dealt with addiction.

After that first pill, I never felt better. It immediately took the pain away. I have always struggled with generalized anxiety and this drug not only took away the physical pain but it also took away my emotional pain. It was euphoric. Nothing else mattered. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, where the only treatment was pain management so I was told to stay on the opioids.

So I did as the doctors told me, staying on them for years. I had no idea they were addictive. I was not told anything except that they would help my pain. For a decade, I was a functioning addict. I had a job and relationships. My family and friends didn’t know. I built a tolerance and my doctor prescribed higher doses or more pills.

But when I still needed a higher dose than I was being prescribed, I Googled what to do and things spiraled out of control from there. I started buying pills on the black market and started snorting them. At that point, I was just trying to avoid the withdrawal. All I did was eat, sleep and snort pills.

I told the doctor I needed help but was provided with zero resources. He didn’t even mention Suboxone. A new breakthrough medication came out on the market for my neurological disorder. I was then told to gradually taper myself off of the pills.

I went through pure hell with the withdrawals. I still struggle to this day to find the words. It was such agony and such hell.

Everything was good for a while but I was experiencing severe psychological withdrawals. And started snorting pills again.

Finally, I had a rude awakening of an almost fatal OD. I should have died. I told myself enough is enough but didn’t know where to go. My doctors weren’t helping. I stumbled upon a show on Hulu, “Dopesick”. And was amazed and captivated by it… here I am watching my own story unfold on TV. I then Googled, and found Ophelia, and within 24 hours, I was getting treatment.

What has been your experience with Ophelia?

I went from being addicted for 13 years to a change unlike anything I have  ever experienced. I never knew Zoom clinics existed and the medication was a lifesaver. The experience was seamless and I’ve been completely off and clear for 13 months.

What do you want people to take away from your story?

I sustained an injury and didn’t do anything wrong. Anytime someone finds out you were on Suboxone, you are automatically categorized as a ‘piece of shit drug addict’. This is so unfortunate because most people don’t understand that the majority of drug addicts out there exist because they were prescribed the medication legally. I didn’t do anything wrong. And there is easy help with Ophelia. 


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