Returns and Refunds

If a patient chooses to terminate their care with Ophelia, they can do so at any point throughout their treatment. We request that if a patient wishes to terminate care that they communicate this with our Care Coordination team either by email at or text message at (215) 585-2144.

Upon termination of care, we will cancel any future charges to their card. If a patient chooses to terminate before the end of a monthly billing cycle, note that we are unable provide partial refunds. Patients will have access to all of our services until their paid subscription period ends. Additionally, we are unable to provide any refunds for the cost of unused medication already paid for by patients.

After the subscription period ends, we will pause the patient’s care and email a list of resources that may be useful as they search for treatment alternatives. Pausing care indicates an indefinite discontinuation of care with Ophelia, but patients are welcome to return to treatment with us at any time.