Ophelia's Mission

Our mission is to reinvent the drug rehab model - to replace folklore with science, drug dealers with doctors, and stigma with privacy, convenience, and choice.

Who are we?

We're a diverse collective of hearts and minds - doctors, scientists, techies, and citizens - on a mission to offer the best of medicine without the baggage of rehab. We're driven by science, committed to privacy, and bound to your right to make your own choices. We believe in recommendations, not orders.

Who are we here for?

Three million Americans struggle with opioid dependence, but only 20% are getting help.

Most have jobs, families, and reputations to protect - eager to quit, but not to go to rehab. The common solution? Buy withdrawal medication from a drug dealer - the same one who supplies the painkillers and heroin. Yet, drug dealers aren't doctors, and the data supports it: opioid overdose is now the #1 cause of death for Americans under 50.

Why are we here?

There’s a proven treatment for opioid dependence, and it isn’t rehab. It’s called medication-assisted treatment (MAT), it increases survival rates by 600%, and Ophelia is here to make it private, convenient, and affordable.


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Jenna Butner, MD

Lead Clinician

Shoshana Aronowitz, NP


Hung Le, NP


Julie Edwards, NP


Nellie Nutt, NP


Amber Nelson, NP


Ed Memisevich, NP


Treesa Williamson, NP


Rommel Castaneto, MSN, RN

Lead Nurse Care Manager

Christine Tucker, NP


Matt Marko, PA


Alexandra McClellan, RN

Nurse Care Manager

Our Team

Interested in joining the team? Email us

Zack Gray

Founder and CEO

Mattan Griffel

Founder and COO

Arthur Robin Williams, MD

Medical Director

Adam Bisaga, MD

Medical Advisor

Jenna Butner, MD

Lead Clinician

Priya Makam

Clinical Analyst

Neal Plofker

Patient Operations Manager

Jake Goldman

Founding Engineer

Emily Behar

Director of Clinical Operations

Ryan Greenberg

Director of Engineering

Emily Bisaga

Care Coordinator

Mallory Harrower

Care Coordinator

Lorelei Robinson

Care Coordinator

Wren Cilimburg

Care Coordinator

Nicole Kim

Care Coordinator

Our Advisors

Alec Ross

New York Times Bestselling Author, Investor & Entrepreneur

Adam Grant

Award-winning Wharton Professor, 
New York Times Bestselling Author

Amit Lubling

Partner at Prehype
Managing Partner at Arabella

Steven Dean

Partner at Prehype
Managing Partner
at Arabella

Ryan Gallagher

Clinical Operations Advisor

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