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Extremely helpful and understanding staff. They show care and compassion above and beyond. Thank you all.


Everyone at Ophelia with whom I have had contact have been wonderful. Any time I had a question or concern it was addressed immediately. Matt and Neal have been supportive and wonderful to work with. Couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with.


Dr. Chris (maryland) is absolutely amazing, caring and very attentive. The list goes on. The team of nurses are great at checking in with you as well, and all are very pleasant. While I am worried about being on suboxone, I dont know where I would be if I didnt have a source to turn to that is as private as ophelia.


The program works the staff is extremely professional and on point. I am very happy with the medical services that are provided. Thank you.


I appreciate all the help I have received I feel like I can talk with everyone I have come in contact with. Matt has been great he make me comfortable and has taught me a great deal about some issues I have.


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